Still remembering every little moment.
Still knowing what it was like to travel
through your deep blue eyes.
Still wondering how two weeks
could be like two years.

Still feeling warm and save
when thinking about your smile.
Still asking what it could have been
and what it really was.
Still feeling happily unsure
whenever I get a letter of yours.
Still smiling the whole day through after I read it.
Still waiting
Still hoping.
Still believing in miracles.
Still impressed by the way you understood me.
Still sad you had to go.
Still happy I had the chance to meet you.
Still asking myself if you feel the same.
Still loving you in my own special way.
Still missing you, more than ever.
Still searching your eyes among the stars.
Still sure we'll meet again.
Still not better in French.
Still knowing we can understand each other
without words.
Still asking myself if it was more than a dream.
Still looking at your pictures, reading your letters,
 your poem, and I know it was more,
much more than a dream could ever be.
Still waiting for the day we'll meet again.


Trust you

If I find a way
to tell you what I feel,
I'd write it down in your heart.

If I have the choice
to chain us together
or set us both free,
I'd break your chains
and give mine in your hand.

If I find the end of my way
all alone,
I'd turn around,
start to search fo your soul.

If I'm lonely and lost
and afraid of the dark,
I'd send you the rest of my light
so you hold it safe and tight.