While she slept

I watched her sleeping,
felt her warm breath on my skin,
raising her breasts, let them fall down
while running out of her
half opened mouth,
passing her lips
I never kissed.

I watched her sleeping,
watched her life passing
with every breath,
watched my fear growing
with every breath,
my fear to lose her,
to lose what I never owned.
I watched her sleeping



I laughed because
your dress was blown
up by the wind.
You seemed to be angry,
but I saw that
little smile, almost hidden....

I'm almost crying becourse
you're blowing away
like the wind.
You seemed to be faithful,
but I saw that
little tear, almost cried...



C an you see the
L ight in my eyes
A nd tell me, can you really
U nderstand why I
D o all the things
I do? Believe me, it is
A ll just You.