All between

It can be all,
it can be nothing,
it can be everything between.
It can be love,
it can be hate,
it can be visibly unseen.
It can be you,
it can be me,
it can be caught,
it can be free,
it can be everything you see,
for it can BE, yes, it can be.

And all there is
is not enough
but more than there has ever been.
And all you feel
is more than love,
but not as pure as love can be.
For all you are
is all I am
is life,
is death,


Answer to the love thief

I would await you in the heart of night,
leave all my mind doors  open wide
and give my heart in your hand for free...
But would you take it, or would you flee
far through the shadows of your fear,
all left behind, a single tear
of silver lying by my side?

Would you leave me waking up between
the cold and untouched sheets
of loneliness? Or has the seed
of love at last more value than  the scene
of shadows, hunting through the light?
I'm well aware of  this old might
that darkness casts upon her child,
 the wish to be just free and wild...

So, play your game, I play my role.
We'll both be winners at the end.
I know, you cannot steal my soul
But I can lay it in your hand.