Rainy night

Walking slowly through the rain.
Deeply caught within my pain.
Lost completely my defences.
Overfilled by all my senses.

Still feel your body close to mine.
Your voice, it told me you were fine.
But I could clearly feel your pain
as I can feel this cold, wet rain.



Long Way

Standing in front of you,
eye to eye,
I don't know, what to do,
what to say.
You seem to be just in my reach,
but there's one thing life taught
me well.

It's a long way to the sun,
and all the way, you'll burn,
no matter, how fast you run.
It's a long way, but I won't turn.

Between us

Between us, there's nothing
but distance and love.

With love, distance
is nothing.

Between us, there's nothing
but love.



E verything could be so right
L ove and fire is all
I nside your heart, saw it
S hining through your eyes.
A ll seems perfekt, but deep
B eneath your thousand masks is an
E ndless river filled with
T ears, cried as your
H eart lost all it's faith.