Last of stars

You are the last of stars
up in the sky, so far
away from me, but still
I will, I will, I will...

I will raise up so high,
will teach you how to fly,
so you don't have to fall
at all, at all, at all...

And when you fly, my dear,
there's nothing more to fear.
I will reach you in time.
and make you, make you mine.


Tale of Two

We both take part in the same story.
We share one chapter all alone
and meet within the lines of glory
to whisper secrets yet unknown.

To know each other word for letter
is our blessing, gift and curse,
no magic spell could craft this better,
no demon trick could make it worse.

You're the mistress, I'm the danger.
You're the princess, I'm your knight.
You're pure love and I'm your anger,
You're so wrong, I can't be right.

What if the last of spells is broken?
What if the last page turns to dust?
Will we both be the last Unspoken,
or might the last of words be Trust?