My life

Just don't tell me
what I've got to do.
Leave me alone,
let me find my own way
out there
in this new world.

I have to fall
and feel the pain.
I can stand it.

I have to run
and lose my way.
I can refind it.

I have to fly
and reach the sun.
I won't burn too bad.

So, let me go,
don't try to cage me.
I'll break free, anyway.
It's just a matter of  time,
and if I have to free myself,
you won't see me again.



It's right that I left
a dream behind.
In front, there are only
the ups and downs
of every days life.

I thought I could get over this
without turning around,
but there is still this feeling
under my skin
and so I have to look back

And to see you standing
in the centre of my memories
makes me sad for what I did.
I want to return in your arms,
staying there until the end of time.

But I can't find my way back.
There are too much directions.