Waiting for arrival

Time flows by
as I wait for you
to arrive at last.

Everything is ready for you.
I exactly know
what to say,
what to do,
how to act
and how to react.
I got presents for you,
the right flowers,
some nice poemsthat will please you for sure.

I just don't know
when you'll arrive.
And so I can't do anything
but keep on waiting.

I hope I'll be able to recognize you
in the end
because I do not really know
who you are.


Little Bird

There's a bird
in the sky
looking down
on the earth
to me.
What does he see?
Can he see
all my sorrows?
Can he see
all my dreams?
an if he can,
does he care?
Can he see
that I want
to be free
like he is?
But I
cannot fly.

There's a bird
in the sky
flying far,
far away.
I must stay
on the earth.
But my mind
flies away
with the bird
through the sky.
I'll be free
for a while.