So silent

No sound is to be heard.
No breath,
no heart-beat,
no steps
no voice,
no scream

but the scream of mine
crying in your name...

So silent
you can even hear
the dropping tears.


Night Song

All alone, have you ever tried
To fight with the shadows?
All alone, have you ever tried
To laugh with the rain?

All the same,
again and again,
all the love,
all the joy,
all the hate,
all the pain.

Night after night I've tried
To find a new ending.
Night after Night it has ended
Again the same way.

Day after Day I've found myself
Lost in a nightmare.
Day after day I've tried to awake
From myself...

Tell me now, have you ever faced
The horror of blindness?
Tell me now, have you ever known
The darkness within?

(You'll see her my dear!
She'll free all you fear.)

Tell me now, have you ever heard
The coldness of silence?
Tell me now, have you ever known
The voices within?

(You'll hear them, my friend!
They'll cry till the end.



Poet of the Night

The night is my home,
darkness my light,
sadness my love,
loneliness my friend.

The moon is my sun,
the stars are my hopeful candlelight.
I am the poet of the night,
her soul and her child.
My life is a dream.


Little Poem

Little Poem closed his eyes,
then saw a girl and didn't think twice.
He thought: "Oh girl, you should be mine
and all the world would just be fine."

Hey, Little Poem, wrong way round!
For you must know, the girl you found
She can't belong to you, no sir!
For all Little Poems belong to her.


How long is a minute?

An hour while waiting,
for the second to see you
just a moment before
eternity in your arms.


Don't do it

Don't look at me like that, you know,
it's just my doormate face.
Keep on walking up and down, but
don't you dare come close again.
You hurt me once, the cut is deep.
You hurt me twice, it's not forgotten.
You broke my hope, and all what's left,
empty words, empty faces,

Don't you talk with me like that, you know,
it's just my weekend mood.
You had your fun, I had the blame.
And once again, it's all the same,
I heard this words before, you know,
it were your lips, your lies.
I had the time to recognise.
My proud, my trust, is that the price?
Won't pay it twice. Won't pay it twice!


Good Night

May I close your eyes?
May I kiss you good-night?
May I hold you tight
till the morning light?

I will guard you
from all your fears,
sweep away
all your tears...