Never again

I'm sitting here,
staring at the phone
for hours.
There are just two words
circling around my mind:
Never again.

Never again will I see you.
Never again will I hold you in my arms.
Never again will I kiss you.
Never again will you tell me all your dreams.

Never again will you come through this door.
Never again will I hear your voice through the phone.
Never again will anyone see so deep in my heart.
Never again will I want anyone so bad.

I'm sitting here
staring at the phone
for hours
and hours again.
Never will I forget you.
Never will I stop loving you.
Never will I stop hoping.
Never will I stop waiting.

But the phone won't ring again.
Never again.


Sad face

Sad face,
don't fear tomorrow,
if I can be the one
Just take my hand,
forget your sorrow.
I promise, everything will be
all right.

Don't run away
from what you feel.
There are no borders than those
in your mind.
Just go ahead
and break the seal.
You'll be surprised by what
we might find.

Sad face,
give me a smile,
don't let the sun go
down on me.
Let us forget
the world for a while
and in the end, our souls
will be free.