I had to let you go
and you disappeared.

Now, after such a long time
full of pain, love and death
you're back,
returned out of nothingness
into my life.

And I am afraid
to lose you again.


Both Sides

There is no light
without shadows,
no rainbow without rain.

There is no hope
without fear,
no love without pain.



You can reach me by candlelight,
cross the darkness by its soundless flight.
You can reach me by dreaming,
in a cold and restless night.

You can see me, just close your eyes.
You can call me with soundless cries.
I'll never stop waiting
'till the day the sun won't rise.


I am leaving,
running away.

I am fleeing
from the shadows
of the past,
searching for a new light.

But darkness is always there
in the first place.

Running in a circle.