To the one I love

I won't praise your eyes,
because I don't know their colour.
They might be
green like sapphires, and as shining
blue like the ocean, and as deep
brown like mud, full of life
grey like mist, mysterious.

I won't praise your lips,
maybe sweet like cherries,
maybe soft like roses,
maybe hot like fire.

I won't praise your hair.
Is it shining golden like sunlight?
Is it deep dark like a summer night?
Is it golden brown like honey
or white like the first winter snow?

But I'll praise your mind,
free like a bird.
I'll praise your heart,
warm like the sun.
I'll praise your sight
behind the masks and mirrors.
I'll praise your soul,
pure like a new born pearl.

This is what I'm searching for
and this is what I'll find
one day.


A Dreamer

Whenever I close my eyes,
I'll see your face.
Whenever I start to dream,
I'm with you.
Whenever I reach in my heart,
you'll be there.

Whenever I open my eyes,
there's just darkness.
Whenever I wake up,
I'm on my very own.
Whenever I reach out,
there's nothing but empty space.

That's why they call me
a dreamer.