Clear Night in Spring

My hands raised high,
but not high enough.
Will I ever reach heaven?
Will I ever reach You?

My voice cried out loud,
but not a wisper
was heard
by the stars.

My dreams crossed the deep
river of time
but will soon be forgotten.
Noone will remind.

The stars, they will last
for an other small eternety,
as long as our hope,
as long as our love.



I am made out of memories,
I am caught within moments
that I lived long before.
I'm dancing
under the light of yesterdays stars
that are vanished, lost in time.

When will I find
what I looked for
in a land called tomorrow?
Now that I crossed it,
I feel like I lost it
to the ocean known as the past.

I am made out of memories,
so afraid I could loose these
memories made out of you.
Forgetting them
would also mean to lose you again.
You know, I'd rather lose myself.