An other day.
Searching for your kiss.
Found it
on her lips.

She asks me
why I am so sad.
Her eyes,
not yours
are searching my face
for a clue.

Starring at my
within her eyes.
Can't remember...
Who is this boy?
Where does he belong to?

Her hand on my cheek.
So patient.
I know, you'll be late
for dinner.
Maybe, I should ask her
for an other dance-

Lost myself in a daydream.
So afraid to wake up.
Hiding my face under her hair.
So afraid to see
that she is not you.


Clear Night in Spring

My hands raised high,
but not high enough.
Will I ever reach heaven?
Will I ever reach You?

My voice cried out loud,
but not a wisper
was heard
by the stars.

My dreams crossed the deep
river of time
but will soon be forgotten.
Noone will remind.

The stars, they will last
for an other small eternety,
as long as our hope,
as long as our love.