Can't you see?

Can't you see the clouds?
Can't you feel the cold wind
racing through our minds?
Can't you hear the raindrops falling
like endless tears, deep inside?

How can you sit there,
blind, smiling,
telling me all's just fine,
while the storm of
my emotions
tries to break free,
to rip apart every rational thought,
the last border that stops me
from crying out:
"The sun won't shine,
until you turn around,
open your eyes
and take a look at me!"

Could you then
at last
see the thunder in my eyes
and the fire in my heart?


Mind you

If I had wings
like a bird
and could fly to you,
I'd have done it
the minute before.

But I got no wings,
just these of my fantasy.
So, I must stay.

But I'll let my mind fly.