Shouldn't be

I looked in your eyes
and I listened to your words,
watched your uncried tears
fall down.
He did it wrong,
he just wants to be free.
I could do it better...
but it shouldn't be me.

I could show you the way,
I would do all this better
act, react, hold you fast
if I was him.
But I'm not,
and he's all that you want to see.
I would always be true...
but it shouldn't be me.

So, I try to explain
why he acts so fatal,
try to make all the clouds
And you smile,
and it hurts, yes, it hurts just to be
number two and to know...
It could have been me.


Hidden between

I want to know where love has gone.

L ost somewhere between the
O ld and new, the
V ery thing we're looking for
E verywhere, but not in us.

Y ou and I, we are afraid
O f the truce, to
U se the magic words, and so, we hide them.

The right time

I no longer want to wait
to tell you what I feel.
Wait until it is to late
to make my feelings real.

So I just have to write it down,
I hope you'll understand.
My love, it is your very own.
I lay it in your hand.