XIII Death

Are you afraid of me, my friend,
of someone who has always sent
you nothing more than purest life,
has been your brother, son and wife?

I see it deep down in your eyes,
you dont believe a word of mine.
But cant you see eternal truce shine
through your fears within your cries?

You fear me, for I mean the end.
„The end of what? I ask, my friend.
„The end of life!, and that is true.
But life, you know, is always new.

And thats the answere, cant you see?
For without me, it wouldnt be.


The Fool

I am free and I am caught.
I'm the teacher who's taught.

I am here and I am there.
I am no- and everywhere.

There's no goal and there's no border.
There's no law and there's no order.

There is nothing, there's just me.
I'm the blind man who can see.

The Fool Part Two

He's the fool you write about
who never stops to think his thought,
but never starts to do at all.
He is to fly and though to fall.

He's as the gambler as the game.
He's different, but he's all the same.
He's hard to find but hard to miss.
It is the fool you're talking with.