I was dreaming of you, my dear.
I could feel your soul, lost in fear.
So I sent you a knight on a white horse,
to fight the black and devil force.

Were you dreaming of me, my love?
Flying high above
it all,
afraid to fall.
I hear your call.
Your call...
was a cry,
So afraid to fly.


Tomorrows Girl

Tomorrow, man, Ill meet your wife,
someone I wait for my whole life.
She will be mine till yesterday
and stay until today, hurray!


Time to leave

Well, it is time to say good-bye,
to leave this place called yesterday.
This worn-out life, it has to die.
Now, I'll have to find my way.

I cannot cry, but I wont dance.
It's always sad to go away.
I know it well, I had my chance.
Now, I'll do it my own way.

I see those tears inside of you.
I'm helpless, don't know what to say.
But I can feel, you know it's true:
You have to go your own sweet way.

Free Bird

Im not a cage.
Im not caged.

I am free for you
to be free for me.